Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hoola For Happiness!!

I'm so happy to be a Hoola For Happiness Joy Spreader! This is an amazing ministry with a huge vision to reach the nations through hula hoops! God is so fun and creative :) I love it. From the time I started hoop dancing I wondered how I could use it to bring glory to God. I had some ideas but never had a picture of what it would be in reality. This ministry is doing it! The founder, Carissa Caricato, loves Jesus, loves to love others, and has given her life to this mission. I am excited and honored to be a part of it! I haven't had too much direct involvement yet, but I'm excited to see how we are able to partner together in the future. Our paths crossed in a divine way and I know He has a purpose for it! We hope to meet up with Hoola For Happiness in India soon! Check out the website www.hoolaforhappiness.org

www.hoolaforlife.org Here with your purchase of a hula hoop (great gifts)one gets sent around the world to spread joy :) Travel Gospel hoops are also available for mission trips!

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