Saturday, August 4, 2012

We're Back!

Hello everyone!

We arrived back in Yerevan, Armenia last night and we thought we would take a few minutes to update you on how we are doing and give you a little picture of life in Yerevan. Watch and enjoy!

We will try to keep you updated here. Sorry it has been so long. Thankfully we got to catch up with many of you back home! Our DTS ended well in June. It was very challenging, but God taught us soo much about His character, love, humility, etc. He really gave us hearts for people who don't know about Him and we desire to show people God's love. We have really taken on YWAM'S motto for ourselves, "To know God and to make Him known." We had a great, restorative time visiting family and friends in Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, and South Carolina! It was a restful time that we really got to process our experience and all that God did! He is such an exciting, loving, LIVING God! A life in relationship with Him is truly more fun and rewarding than anything I ever could have imagined. And that is why I keep on living this crazy life of faith! Now we are excited to be back in Yerevan the capital of Armenia following His call for us. We came back early for a 2 week YWAM conference that starts tomorrow. Then in September we will do the School of Frontier Missions as students. The focus of the school is church planting in unreached nations, with a focus on the 10/40 window. The 10/40 window is the region with the most people in the world who have never heard about Jesus. It includes North Africa, Middle East, and Asia. That is really where we desire to focus our ministry in the future. This school ends in December, but from there the world is open! We are praying about where to go for our independent outreach :)! Thank you all so much for the love, encouragement and support that you show us! We can't do this without you all! Everyone in YWAM from the president down raises support. No one is paid. This is not another short term trip for us, God is calling us to give our lives to serving Him in missions. If you feel led to support us financially monthly or with a one time gift you can always give on Paypal through the link here on our blog. Or you can send a tax-deductible check to Church of the Holy Cross at P.O. Box 506, Sullivan's Island, SC 2948. Make the check to Holy Cross and write "Georgia Mission" in the memo line. We fully believe that God will bless you for sending in prayers, finances, and encouragement as He does us for going. We desire all of God's blessings for you! Much love! In Christ, Alicia & Evan


  1. You look great for having just traveled so far! Glad you slept well; love the update. Looking forward to seeing how God moves in your lives! Thanks for including us on the journey.
    Chris and Catherine

  2. Watching the video made us feel like you just came for a visit to our home. Thanks for showing us where you are and that you arrived safely. Thanks for keeping us updated. It was so good to see you and hear how God is working in your lives and the lives of others. Love and blessings, Chris & Bruce

  3. YAY JESUS!! DNA is going to melt your faces off for the Lord :) we love you and miss you guys and wish we could go again with y'all! <3 the carters