Saturday, August 11, 2012

DNA Conference Highlights

We have had a great first week back in Armenia. We are staying in a mountain town for a 2 week YWAM conference with workers from all over Eastern Europe including Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. We have loved getting to meet so many awesome people and hearing from these wise speakers! The sessions have been so rich. I wish you could hear the full teaching but I want to pass on some highlights from the first week. The conference focuses on the vision of YWAM but I think its applicable to many people in all areas of life and society. I hope that you will think about these things in your life and that something will speak to you, as we each seek to fulfill our purpose.

*True love is living to make the dreams of your beloved a reality.
   Are we living this way for Jesus? Let's live to make His dreams for our lives come true! If you're doing something that Jesus isn't getting excited about, quit doing it!
-Our picture of God is like a postcard. The real thing is so much more beautiful than the picture, there are so many more facets to see. There is always more.
- We will all leave a lasting legacy. We all have a spiritual line and family. What legacy are you leaving?
 *A leader is a person who knows what they believe and why.
-If you can't lead yourself, you can't lead others.
  -Questions for leading self: How do I manage my thought life, body, relationships, finances, calling, etc? Is there still passion for what God has called me to do? If not, why not? Do I know the state of my character? Do I have accountability? What do others see in me that I can't see in myself? Is my love for God growing?  Is my capacity for loving others growing? Are there undealt with offenses in your heart? You are responsible for the issues in your heart.
-When reconciliation takes place it is initiated by the one hurt the most because he has come to a place of forgiveness.
-We cannot lead with influence those who we don't love and in the areas we don't love.
-God's perspective is truth in all situations, and always includes hope and redemption.Tell yourself His perspective.
-Be honest, is Jesus enough?
-Don't let your emotions lead you! Emotions guiding causes pain. Prov. 4:23 Above all else guard your heart.
-Leadership is a sacred trust given from God.
Integrity & Decisions
-Do our actions line up with what we say we believe? What is the root of why we do what we do? When we continue to ask why about an action it leads us to the root of our worldview. That comes down to our view of who God is. And asking 'so what'? It leads from our belief to an action.
-God has called us to be change makers because He is a change maker.
-Individuals & societies become like the gods they worship.
-Any description of the living God must describe Him as infinite & personal, big & close.
-If you don't believe in God because of injustice in the world, you have no foundation to talk about justice and goodness. In that case, we are equal with bugs and there is no justice.
-If you do not decide on perimeters to raise your child, the culture will raise your child. 
Biblical Worldview
1. God is infinite & personal
2. Man is finite & personal
3. Truth is constant & knowable
4. Our choices are significant: Men & women are responsible for our actions.
-We pray because we believe God is faithful, He hears, He cares, is powerful, is Creator. Praying, "if its Your will..." is a safe prayer. There is no faith, no risk, no power needed.
Purpose & Vision
*Purpose is something or an idea that God dreams up and decides on then creates someone to fulfill it.
-Purpose is to know you are living for something bigger than yourself, something that will still be around when you are gone.
-Without vision we die.
-Vision is precious like a baby. It starts as a dream of God and He drops it in a heart. We need to treat it that way. Nourish it and care for it. Don't let it die. Be a door opener for people with vision!
-Our job as spiritual leaders is to know and affirm when young people hear from the Lord.
-When we are committed to obeying God with a right spirit, He will protect the vision.

I know its a lot but this is most of my notes. It was hard to narrow down! I'm sure this week will bring a lot more inspiration. God has been pouring out revelation and vision on us this week. So thankful and amazed at His goodness and faithfulness! Truly we are called to a life of great adventure in Christ. The security that we have found in Him is so much more than anything the world has to offer. I hope you find these words encouraging.


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  1. These are great!! Thanks for sharing...a lot to think and chew on!