Monday, August 20, 2012

God is so so so Good!

We are back in Yerevan after 2 weeks in the mountain town of Tsakhkadzor. We really enjoyed the cool mountain air as well as the rich teaching of the conference. We are so blessed at this point to be involved in what is going on in Eastern Europe and are looking forward to doing some local outreach here in Yerevan. Speaking of Yerevan, it is really hot! We are used to heat, but not with no AC! Yesterday we joined a Switzerland counseling school outreach team and went to a small church outside of Yerevan. It was a really nice time. This week we will begin looking for an apartment in Yerevan. Join us in prayer that we would be at exactly the location to fulfill God's purposes, preferably close to the school and with a washing machine and all things working!

Check out our video this video that we just made about an exciting thing that happened at the conference. Sorry it is so long, but just watch, its really cool!

Here are the links that I was talking about in the video. I hope you enjoy!

-Evan and Alicia

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Oh forgot to mention in the video. During the offering almost $3000 was given to cover the extra costs of the conference and to go to the Iranian earthquake victims. That doesn't include the much more that was given between participants and material things such as clothing and jewelry. And the week before that a little over $1000 was given to an outreach team of teenagers from Kazakstan who came to Armenia with only enough for a one way ticket. Pretty amazing what God can provide through a bunch of poor missionaries when we ask Him what to give! :)
Also Evan had a really bad toothache during the first week that was causing a lot of pain. We believed that God would bring healing and just kept praying. Praise God now its fully better!

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  1. Made me cry...God is so amazing. We love watching His power in your adventures!! Can't wait to hear how he provides the perfect apartment AND washing machine for you! We miss you and we love you...we're so proud and grateful for the work and training you're doing.