Monday, November 26, 2012

Countdown to India!

Hey friends! Hopefully you have received our newsletter and know by now that we are heading to India in less than 2 weeks! (If you don't get our newsletter click on the Connect page above to sing up) God gave me a desire to go to India 4 years ago and I can't believe its really happening! I was actually trying to go to India when I met Evan (he said he would never go there), thankfully it didn't work out. But God is saying now is the time, and we have some great opportunities! He has given us a unique vision for creative ministry including hula hoops, music, and yo-yos to start with! These can all be used to spread joy & the love of Christ that many people have never experienced. In a way that only the Lord could arrange we connected with Carissa from Hoola 4 Happiness & a woman who happened to have a ton of yo yos waiting to be used for ministry! We are excited to put this into action as we partner with Hoola For Happiness and the Good News Center. We also have opportunity to travel with the founder of Khusi Hona, supporting orphanages, and to visit some friends :) We hope to stop in Charleston for a couple of weeks in Feb. before we head to Kona to staff a DTS there. Please join us in prayer for this step of faith. They will be extremely important for us during this time. Please pray that God would prepare us with His heart and dreams for this nation. Also for guidance with every step and protection spiritually & physically (especially Evan's health). We have a large financial need to cover the costs of travel. God loves India and He is calling us now to glorify Him there. If you are interested in giving toward this mission check out the Partner page above. Otherwise things in Armenia are wrapping up nicely. Thanksgiving was spent with American friends here, complete with turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing shipped from the States, and even a Trader Joe's pumpkin bread! It was really nice, but we definitely missed being with family. We are in our final week of class now and it is great to be done with so much work. This has been a blessed time of preparation and we are looking forward to what's next in our journey! Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and love!
With friends at Indian Cultural Night in Yerevan.

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