Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God likes Dates

The title of this post may throw you off a little bit..."God likes dates? Really? You can't come up with a better way to kick off your blogging adventure?" HAH! well my friends, I believe this is a great way to kick this off! Let me tell you how I know God likes dates!

Alicia Borrelli and I have been "dating" for a little over a year, and in a relationship for about ten of those months. Over the course of our relationship we have had a very sparatic dating life. Sometimes we would go on five dates a week, sometimes two, and at the very least, zero (although I think that may have been because one of us was out of town). All of that to say, we have spent a decent bit of money trying to "get out" and do things (none of which I regret). About three months ago or so, by counsel from just about every healthy couple we know, we decided to make a concrete date night, so that we could have a night alone and planned amidst the other crazy comings and goings of the week. So far it has been great! I have loved getting to spend planned out quality time with the woman of my dreams! "Okay Evan, we get it, you LOVE Alicia and she love you..NOW GET TO THE POINT!" Alright alright, just trying to set up the scene.

Alicia and I were out on one of our Friday night date nights a few weeks ago (keep in mind that we have been praying for the Lord to provide time together and finances for the future) to a local Italian restaurant. We actually ended up going there because the family that Alicia nanny's for gave us some money so that we could enjoy a night out together. As if we didn't already see how the Lord provided in that fact, what happened next was purely the Lord! As Alicia and I enjoyed our meal, A man that I know from my church came up and said hello to me. I was overjoyed at seeing him and after a few minutes of catching up, he took his seat with his family and Alicia and I continued to eat. We finished our meal and asked for our check, but the waitress, sort of taken aback, looked at us and said, "The family in corner has paid for your meal already." I was stunned, not only did we almost get our meal paid for by the family that Alicia nanny's for, but we actually got our meal paid for by the man who came up to our table! We said thank you to him, walked out, and used the money that we were given by the family Alicia nanny's for our date the next Friday!

Two prayers answered. Spent time together and saved money. AMAZING! Now you may be tempted into thinking that it was merely the generosity of the two families that allowed us to be blessed with this financial gift. You may think, "Well, what does God have to do with this? The families were just nice. You were in the right place at the right time." That is true on both accounts, but my point in this (and in the blog for that matter) is that the Lord answers prayer! He is true to His word! We need not worry about tomorrow, not what we will eat or drink. The Lord cares about everything we do and wants every chance He can get to make His name great. Why not give Him our lives so that He can make His name known in the everyday things we encounter?

Paul says in Ephesians 5:33, "However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband." Men, you know that you would take yourself out and feed yourself, why not show your wife, fiance, girlfriend how much you love them by taking them out? The Lord really likes it when we sacrifice our own time and energy for our significant other, so why would He not abundantly provide for this simple love action? I don't mean that you have to go out to eat or spend money to go on a date, maybe it looks like cooking a meal, or taking a walk in the park. Whatever the method, just do it! The Lord likes it!

Now this story is just a small example of how the Lord is providing in very BIG ways in our lives and the lives of many of you out there. Please email me at with any stories that you may have concerning the Lords amazing provision in your lives or the life of a friend. Who knows? The Lord may just want to make Himself famous through YOU!


  1. So precious. The Lord truly does provide. I'm excited to see what happens when He lavishes you both with enough blessing to pass around! That has been the most fun for Matt and me. :) We love you both so much.

  2. dude and dudette. . . thanks for sharing! this is awesome stuff. I'm so stoked for you two I'll be praying for your provision. Thanks for reminding people how important it really is to constantly be in prayer with the Lord. Love you guys

    -Nick F.