Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Awakening Begins!

Over 40 students are here from all over the world to do the Awaken Discipleship Training School. We are so blessed and honored to be a part of this community to disciple & train students and build new relationships and see God in new ways! This is day 1 orientation and its so exciting! I think God is going to blow us all away! Amazing things are happening through this campus. I will try to update again after the first week.

We have some really exciting news about where we will be spending outreach this summer, but due to sensitive information about the location we won't be posting about it here or on Facebook. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter please subscribe on the Connect page here on our blog or send us your email address. We want to keep you involved because you are such a part of this journey. We can't be doing what we are without prayers and encouragement. So thank you for how you have been a part of that! I will continue to update here especially for the next few months in Kona but it won't be about outreach or details. I hope you will stay in touch. Blessings!

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