Thursday, February 7, 2013

Miracle in the airport

Writing from Mt. Pleasant, SC. So good to be back for a few weeks. I (Alicia) am slowly adjusting to the 10.5 hour time difference and my body is taking it hard. Evan is well and happy to eat without fear of what will happen afterward! We have some re-entry culture shock- it seems soo quiet and uninhabited compared to India! But there is something so sweet and peaceful about being in Charleston. We are staying with dear friends that we are very thankful for. I just wanted to do a quick update and share about the miracle in the airport as we left India. :)

We had a lot of baggage because we had been completely living abroad for almost a year. We planned very carefully and checked airline policy to be sure we could bring all of our baggage without paying the $100 fee for each extra bag (we had no money)! According to the airline website we could each check 2 bags from India to US. So we had 4 bags to check including Evan's guitar and we each had a big hiking backpack as carry ons plus 2 small backpacks as a personal item; this is how we normally travel everywhere. In all we had 8 bags. At check in we were told we could each only check 1 bag. On top of that they were VERY strict with their carry on policy and weighed our backpacks and said they were too big and too heavy for carry on. So basically they were saying we had 4 extra bags. We began praying intensely and explaining the situation and what the website says. He brought over a manager and he made phone calls, etc as this went on for about 30 minutes. They were both insistent that we could only check 1 bag each and our carry ons were too big. Evan remembered he had seen earlier on my Facebook a quote "When you are waiting for God to open a door, praise Him in the hallway." So we began to praise God. A couple of minutes later the manager said okay you can check the 4 bags. Then he came and looked at our carry ons and said this is still a problem. And then just said, "Ok you can check those too." Evan asked, "For free?" He said yes for free. WHAT! JUST HAPPENED? WHOA! He completely changed and did everything to help us! We were able to check SIX bags for FREE. That has never come close to happening to us or anyone we know! That left us with just 2 small backpacks to carry, our lightest load ever. Evan and I walked away so amazed at God's presence and favor with us. It was an impossible situation and God came through once again with His faithfulness and power! There was nothing else that could have changed that situation or the man's attitude towards us. Everything arrived on time and our travels were so smooth. We are still praising Him for this 3 days later. Thanks you for your prayers as we traveled!

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