Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in a Foreign Land

What does Christmas look like in an eastern, non christian land? VERY different. Just TRY to imagine: no presents, no Santa, no decorations, no parties; just some church Christmas programs & believers coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ. This year we had a very new experience of Christmas in one of the most non Christian places in the world in northern India. 99% of the millions of residents in this state have never heard of Jesus or rejected the Good News. We were blessed to go to a small, remote village for church on Christmas morning. We traveled through beautiful, tropical farm land down a long dirt road to a village of straw huts with no vehicles, electricity, running water, heat, or toilets. It was a picture of the humble beginning of Jesus life, born in a cave on a cold night, with no bed. The believers warmly welcomed us with a parade of dancing, music, and flowers; and Evan was able to preach. These people have a hard life, carrying water from the pump, women & children working in the fields with their bare hands. 2 men have started this church/school/hostel recently. These pastors & their family are supported for just $40 per month! The buildings they are working on made of straw and mud are incredibly cheap to build, yet they lack the finances. A roof can be put on the building for less than $300. There are 16 of the village congregations that our host's organization oversees, The Good News Center. If you are interested in partnering with them, please contact me.

Then we traveled to another town, and back to the village we stayed in for a couple of days. Also a village of straw huts and no modern day conveniences as mentioned. New experience. We stayed with our host's family. His family threw a big party on Christmas and invited the Hindu village to come over for dinner and the Word was preached. Christmas really is a great opportunity to share our faith in India!!! We stayed with a Hindu family and they happily and warmly received us. Yes we greatly missed our family this Christmas, along with all of its pleasures and traditions, but the Lord greatly blessed us in a new way.

Aside from that we are still doing well and enjoying our time in India. Please continue to pray for our health, especially Evan's digestive system, and energy. God bless you in the New Year!! Merry Christmas from India!
The welcome procession
The village church

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