Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's next for the Adams?

Wow where can I start!? Its been a busy few weeks around here! Last weekend we went to a celebration to end the month long Women's month here. We enjoyed traditional Armenian dancing. And Sunday our team did a program at the church for Easter. Monday we celebrated my birthday, 25!! It was a really joyful day with the team eating delicious grilled chicken (a treat) and homemade brownies. God gave me 2 special gifts, the tulips bloomed and He multiplied the brownies! :) Thank you Jesus and thank you to my wonderful hubby for planning a special day! Our teacher and his family came from YWAM Georgia to teach us about studying the Bible. Our team has been praying and meeting, working through some difficult issues, and preparing for our time of outreach. Really praying for unity, passion, and God's great love to fill the 5 of us during this time! Oh and Evan will be assistant staff to our leader so pray for his wisdom and discernment. One student will stay in Armenia for outreach, and one student went to Africa for hers!

We will stay in Georgia for 3 weeks in a Muslim village on the edge of the capital. We will work with street kids in the city, do a kids club for the village kids, and see where else God leads us! We plan to go to Israel from there! We are still working on making contacts and plans there. We are expecting a miracle soon because our team only has enough money for Georgia, none for plane tickets or anything; and 2 girls need visas. Please join us in praying that once again God will make the impossible possible! We are so excited to see what He will do, He is so big and mighty and His ways are much higher than ours! I think we're off to a good start; on our jam packed bus ride to Yerevan today we were able to share about Jesus with one woman and pray for her, then the 3 women next to her also wanted us to pray for healing! Sooo cool :)

Now here is another big UPDATE: We have decide our post DTS plans. We will return to Chicago June 10 then to Charleston a little later. We will spend all of July in Charleston! August we will return to Armenia for the 2 week YWAM DNA conference, led by the founders of YWAM. In September we will begin the YWAM School of Frontier Missions for 3 months. This will teach us about how to go into places where the Gospel has not been preached and there is no church. To reach the unreached. And there are billions of people around the world who have never heard about Jesus! We will learn how to study language, plant churches, study about Islam, etc. An outreach time follows where we can discern where God wants us to go. God's adventures are so much cooler than anything we could come up with!

So I just want to do a little recap of our time in Kapan. After I last wrote we had a wonderful joyful team from Norway/Latvia join us and teach about church planting/evangelism. It was such a good time of fellowship for us. Their radical faith and holistic strategy are inspiring. It brought back many joyful memories of my River Church family! The next week we learned about worldview and Old Testament. Our views of the world can be so inaccurate its important to be teachable and always thinking for ourselves, seek the Truth, not just what a professor or pastor tells you. So we could both say so many things we have learned during this time and many things Jesus has changed in our lives. Maybe I will save that for another blog post. But I will say that our lives have been changed, we have more freedom in Christ, our identity in Him and His authority has grown, our hearts have been healed from wounds and sin, and we have a desire to see Him more and more everywhere! It has not all been easy, but it is all so worth it!

We love you all so much. We could not be here without you. Your prayers and support make you as much a part of this team as we are! Truly this is the body of Christ in action, working together to reach the world with His great Name! It is all such a huge blessing to us and we are so grateful for you all! Again please join us with your prayers for our outreach. Our team thanks you!

Much love and blessings,
My birthday tulips!
 My birthday lunch :)
 Homemade brownies yum
 Our Armenian church on Easter
 Armenia Easter food

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