Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 week down!

Hey everyone! I am currently sitting in the dining room/teaching room relaxing after a long but good week learning about Missiology and getting to know the people I am living with more. There is snow all over the place, as yesterday it snowed over a 1 foot here! I have attached pictures of where we are living with and without snow, as well as a picture of our team.

It has been so fantastic being here in Kapan, Armenia. We have now been here a week and our week has been full to say the least! Our typical day starts off with breakfast at 8, then quiet time for 1 hour, then either worship or intercession for 1 hour followed by 3 hours of teaching then lunch. We usually have free time for a while after this but reconvene for learning methods of outreach, worship, or some team building exercises, followed by dinner. After dinner we have free time until coming together to go over the "YWAM" values. Finally BED TIME! It has been challenging to keep up with the fast pace of the day, but we are managing well. We thank you all so much for your prayers, as I feel like we will start to rely on prayers more and more to get through our days.

The language barrier has been a fun challenge for me. Everyone here speaks Russian with only some of the people speaking broken English. I have learned a good amount of Russian this week and hope to be able to speak it by the end of our DTS. We are finding that we have to rely totally on the Lord during our prayer sessions as well as worship, when I'm not leading because they are totally in Russian. It has been so good though, we know that the Lord knows all of our hearts and that by the spirit we are all praying with one purpose!

I would like to share more but fear this is getting long. I will try to get Alicia to send out a quick overview of what we are getting into and prayer requests this weekend. Just know that we are doing very well and love that God has lead us here!

(pictured is our team, our staff leader and teacher for the week, view from our front porch, Alicia and I, view over Kapan, view without snow from our porch.)

In Christ

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