Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Small change in plans and good news!

Hi there all of my faithful brothers and sisters! I trust that you all had a most enjoyable Christmas and are slowly returning to the normalcy of life. Alicia and I had a wonderful Christmas and are now about to enter a very hectic time before we leave for Georgia on January 5th.

I wanted to take this post to update you on our progress in fun raising as well as to let you know our new plans.

First of all PRAISE GOD!! We have managed to raise our $11,000.00 goal that we set 2 months ago in actual contributions as well as a couple of pledges for giving over time! What an amazing God that we have and what an amazingly obedient body that He has used to send us to the other side of the world! Thanks to all who have contributed in prayer and giving in this matter, you were/are truly needed for this kingdom work. Just so you know, we have not made our $11,000.00 goal a cap. That means that if you feel lead to continue to give, PLEASE DO! We need all that the Lord would say that we need, which seems to be more than what we set as our initial goal.

On another note, we were informed about 3 weeks ago that we will no longer be attending the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Azerbaijan. The school was not prepared to have English speakers (us) at the base and the leadership team there were worried about the language barrier for us. Not to worry though, as this was all in the Lords plans and therefore, ours too. We will now be heading to Armenia for the first 3 months of our 6 month tenure! We will do the lecture phase of our DTS there in the capital city of Yerevan. Pray for housing for us please :). We are extremely excited about this opportunity to serve the people of Armenia while learning more about out Father in heaven. We will fly out January 5th to Tbilisi, Georgia, spend a few days there and then drive to Armenia to start our lecture phase.

I hope this helps to fill in those of you who we haven't had the pleasure of communicating with in a few weeks.

We love all of you and covet your prayers! If you feel lead to give to us, please make out all checks payable to "Church of the Holy Cross" and in the "for" blank write "Georgia Mission".
All donations made using this method are tax deductible.

Thank you all and all praise be to Jesus Christ!

In Christ

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